About Us


Concept Of Culture

  • Mission

    Serve Regional Economy Enjoy Welmetal Life
  • Vision

    To be the high-end metal materials industry leader in the PRD
  • Spirit

    Entrepreneurship Innovation Excellence Efficiency Enjoy
  • Quality

    Pragmatism Trustworthy Rigor High efficiency
  • Values

    Guided by the beauty Work with creativity

Brand Concept

Profession and integrity, Welmetal quality

Brand is the weapon to win the competition in the market, and excellent brand comes from good brand concept. Welmetal's brand concept contains the "integrity, professionalism, high quality, green," the four key values of the brand.
  • "Profession and Integrity"

     Contains the "integrity" and " profession " these two brand value.
  • "Integrity"

     Refers to the Welmetal will always unswervingly uphold the integrity to customers, employees, shareholders and the community.
  • "Profession"

     Means the Welmetal, as a metal material industry leader, are good at targeting customers with a system of technical services.
  • " Welmetal quality "

     Contains "quality" and "green" these two brand value.
  • "Green"

     Refers to the Welmetal focusing on recycling economy, energy conservation and socially responsibility.
  • "Quality"

     Means the Welmetal's goods and services are reliable and trustworthy.
The core values of the brand concept of the " Profession and integrity, Welmetal quality" has been expressed with characteristics. It stressed that the Welmetal will always adhere to the principle of good faith, continued to improve professional standards in order to meet customer needs, to offer customer with products and services out of their expectation, and take the social responsibility actively and keep the green development way. So that we can establish a trustworthy and well-respected brand image among our customers, employees, industry and the public.